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If you are looking for a new injection pump for Dodge Cummins diesel engine, but is not sure what is the best model, please read on. This article will explain some common faults with injection pumps. The Cummins diesel engine manufactured by Dodge from 1998 to 2002 comes equipped with a Bosch VP44 injection pump. Unfortunately these injection pumps have been know to have its fair share of problems and may require replacement.Bosch VP44 injection pumps

Perform four basic functions:

1. Distribution of high pressure, measured at each cylinder at the right time fuel
2. Measuring the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle3.
varying timing relative to the engine speed.
4. Production of high fuel pressure required for injection

The Bosch VP44 is an electronic rotary distributor pump that can vary fuel injection timing, and also contains fueling, timing and diagnostic data.

The number one cause of failure of the Bosch VP44 injection pump is a pressure drop in the fuel line, which is usually due to a malfunction of the lift pump. The normal fuel pressure is about 15 psi, and if the pressure drops below 5 psi failure injection pump is likely. Remember bad lift pumps can run unnoticed until costly damage is done to the injection pump Bosch VP44.

The following are the top two most common mechanical failures:

1. Check Engine Code 216
This is the most common mechanical failure and when weak lift pumps, with low fuel pressure occurs during a time period; rupture the diaphragm on the front of the injection pump. The piston then vibrate timing to a point carrying the pump housing down until the fuel is able to bypass the piston. Dodge has recognized this problem for some time, and not even sell the lift pump that goes on the side of the block again, but replace it with a unit that is now mounted in the tank.

2. Rotor Seizure
Other mechanical failure with the Bosch VP44 injection pump happens when the rotor seizes in the distributor section of the pump. The most common seizure cause is a lack of lubrication. Since lubricates fuel injection pumps Bosch VP44, weak lifts pumps can again be blamed for this failure. The seizure then break the drive plate and the truck will stop running, not start again until the Bosch VP44 injection pump is replaced.Prevention

Bosch VP44 injection pump failure
The best way to avoid the failures of the Bosch VP44 injection pump is prevent them from happening. Buying a replacement pump, which is of better quality than what comes from the factory will help. If that option is too expensive, you can also install a meter to monitor your fuel pressure. Also with the meter you will know when your lift pump is out and can easily solve the problem before you lose the Bosch VP44 injection pump.

Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to care for your truck.

Any tools needed for your diesel truck? Light or heavy duty, you can find all that you need at 1-800 Automotive Tools.


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Ford truck equipment

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Life has a number of great options, but you do not have to pick and choose what seems to be the best. Just pick the one that makes you happy and be the best. As we realize multiple options on cars, as the different models that belong to different brands on the market and all these are aimed to provide driving comfort. I think driving a car, we borrow freedom, freedom from worries and concerns. A car must be such that provides the person with every comfort in the fact that spends a great deal. Few cars offer everything you expect from them, and the name comes first in this category of cars are Ford F150. Although still not a car but a truck, this car has proven its importance by becoming the best seller of Ford.

What's in this truck that his preference is so high? How a truck can provide luxury class and the person? So many questions and many answers, but in the simplest way, one could say that the F150 is a true jewel of Ford, which has won the hearts of many. The company offers multiple options on the F150, which differ in one way or the other. These include: 1.

XL and STX: Both variants of these models appropriate air bags with the Safety Canopy system that includes side curtain airbags for both front and rear exit of passengers, roll-fold technology and sensor rollover. A key less remote control system input is Secure System lock passive anti-theft technology prevents the engine to start unless the coded key programmed to your car is used. No cloth 40/20/40 front seats and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control. This model has very well-designed rear lights that are guided type F150 and illuminates the back of this model.

2. XLT: The unique features of this vehicle include Ford SYNC with my helping to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. This is possible through the voice control music and keep in touch with your hands free calls. It is including 911 calls, text messages and audible reports vehicle health check. There is a reverse sensing system that uses an audible signal to alert the obstacles up to 6 feet behind while the reverse is done. The alarm alert becomes stronger as a car approaches the object.

3. FX2: There is a SYNC App Link in this model that enables voice to control their favorite mobile applications such as Pandora and iHeartRadio. Simply saying Bluetooth audio, you will hear all the songs available through wireless. There is also a (DEATC) Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control. It provides individual climate settings for both the driver and front seat passenger.


Lariat: The main feature of this model is power side mirrors with telescopic trailer tow with power glass. This fold in managing very well in small spaces. It includes cornering lights, hot glass, memory functions and lights.

Some of the other models include King Ranch F150 SVT Raptor, Platinum Limited and many more. See more for them and choose the one you find to be the best.

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Ford Trucks

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The best selling car in the US returns with an original design of the engine and a transmission of blue-collar Motor City. F-150 Ford pickup comes in regular, extended styles and cabin crew. All taxis have four doors. The standard minicab mimics the SuperCab extended minicab with average rear hinged "partly doors." The SuperCrew crew minicab has four straight doors. Of crews and extended open seat have a work surface for the capacity of 6 passengers. The teams have a single bed 5. 5 feet long shipping. Other F-150 used beds 5. 5, 6. 5 to 8 feet, depending on the options. All Styleside come in flat-side external appearance; the single bed 6. 5 feet also appears as a fender flare flareside. The

4. 2-liter V6 engine has 202 horsepower. Two V8 engines are available: One 4. 6 liter, 231 hp and 300.

5. 4 with 5-speed transmission now comes as a standard option.

Take turns in redesigning their bread and butter trucks, Ford launched a completely new version of the F-150 pickup in 2004 and then turned his thoughts in a makeover of its great bubba Super Duty in 2005. This year Ford is sleeping in their jobs, with minor changes memorandum: The procession hardened F-150 Harley-Davidson with a pack cut highlighted by a black monotone outdoors; 22-inch polished aluminum wheels farce; bags eagle and logos. Later in the year representation. And there are some packages selection of chromium and other petty gossip of the change in spending.

Were disappointed that Ford chose not fetch missing original version of the Lightning, which is rumored to return in 2006 with a supercharged V-8 cranking out 500 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque . The Ford Lightning has been a great attraction for the company. Even appearing in popular films like fast and furious to increase its popularity.

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